A hot day at Caltech

We’ve recently had some hot days in Pasadena (100+ F.), and the sun bouncing off this new building (next to the Beckman Institute) at Pasadena’s famous Caltech University, makes it look even hotter…


7 comments on “A hot day at Caltech”

  1. That’s a great photo of my workplace – a unique view of a much-photographed campus.

    • Oooh! You’re the perfect person to answer this question! This building is very new, right? Is it connected to the Beckman Institute (as in “part of the same institute” not “physically connected”), or is it a completely separate building? What happens in there?!

      Caltech is such a great campus with an amazing history. When I was in college, I had a couple of friends who were Caltech students, and I got invited to quite a few of the parties… which i loved. I even got to be an honorary participant in Senior Ditch Day one year. It was fantastic. One of my best memories ever.

  2. It’s the Broad Center for Biological Sciences, for which Eli and Edythe Broad provided a lot of the funding. Some interesting work goes on in there, such as magnetic imaging (The Rain Man came once to have his brain scanned), molecular biology, and investigation of consciousness, emotion, and perception. (I’m cheating by taking some of this from the press release).

    I love the spacious, light and cool feeling inside, and the landscape of large palms and grasses next to it. Next time you’re there, try a coffee or some excellent sushi in the outdoor/indoor Broad Cafe.

  3. The Broad Center for Biological Sciences? Can’t we just have a Broad Center, period?

  4. It’s usually called that, Mr. E, but there are Broad Centers all over the country, and it gets confusing. That man has a lot of money.

  5. Well, I guess I was thinking of a bar maybe, where lots of women hang out. 😉

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