Maybe this is why they call it the Rose Bowl…

Because the seats are pink?

Okay, once upon a time they were red, now they’re just bleached by the sun

— or perhaps by the heat of the action on the field?

This is, after all, one of the most famous stadiums in football history.

And, more importantly, the site of the glorious Ohio State Buckeyes win over the Oregon Ducks in this year’s Rose Bowl, and a place I’d love to see Ohio play again next January.

Do I need to add that I’m a Buckeye fan?


SPECIAL MESSAGE: Hi blog pals! I’m adding a little note to this post because… some of my iphone blog photos are entered into a little informal photo contest at If you’d like to got look and perhaps vote– or submit your own awesome iphone (or other phone-based photos), here’s the link. At the bottom of the photo stream, you can click on “top rated”, and look for my submissions. (Klikkonthis). If you’ve been following the blog, you might recognize some of the photos. And if you submit something of yours… let me know, and I’ll go vote for you. While it’s a contest… it’s not a contest. Its just a way to show off what our camera phones (and we) can do!


13 comments on “Maybe this is why they call it the Rose Bowl…”

  1. I – O! And during tomorrow’s game our son-in-law will add “U!”

  2. Sorry…no “I-O” from this wife of a USC grad…I’d be drawn and quartered!!!

  3. O-H! (wanna take the dogs to the vet while I watch the game?) I-O!

  4. You should post your Taj Mahal photo for the contest…that one’s awesome…

  5. No. But my grandparents went to Ohio State and are buried in Columbus. My grandfather graduated from OSU med school in 1918!

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