Lomography, 10 Golden rules of: down stairs.


From Lomography.com

“A normal photographer’s point of view – looking through the viewfinder – is somehow always physically finite; it’s limited to somewhere between 1.1 metres and 2.2 metres above ground.

…Don’t look through the viewfinder; forget about safety margins and unnecessary shyness! Hands up, hands down, hands forward, Lomograph from up to down and down to up, from the front to you and from you to nowhere, shoes, socks, toes, hips, buttons, belts, butts; aloha!

…Try the shot from the hip to experience absolutely free and boundless dimensions of sight.”

Previous Golden Rules:

Lomography, Indtroduction (bricks and mortar digital)

1. Take your camera with you wherever you go (Road Trip)

2. Shoot any time day or night (Fireworks Plant)

3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it. (Drinking Buddy)


8 comments on “Lomography, 10 Golden rules of: down stairs.”

  1. I’m really glad you’re posting the 10 rules of Lomography…it is spurring me to think more about taking my camera everywhere…and taking stuff that I wouldn’t normally think of…Now…if I just did that, maybe I’d have pics to post of the mama bear and her cub!!!

  2. Looks like the photo my 15 month old grandchild took with my camera the other day. I will teach him to say lomography.

    I like the expression “shooting from the hip.” Not in Westlake, please.

    • Hey, it may look like a photo a 15 month old might take… But who’s to say he’s not a genius! 🙂

      Shoot from the hip… You know, one doesn’t often think about the origins of common sayings until someone does actually shoot from the hip. Then you realize where it came from, sadly.

  3. Check out my blog and you’ll see!!!

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