Classic LA traffic

Sometimes a photo isn’t good, but just so captures something you see every day that –even though it’s a cliche– you just gotta post it.

110 N. Freeway Entrance, Los Angeles

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9 comments on “Classic LA traffic”

  1. Traffic??? The concept is starting to fade from my memory…is that the same concept as crowded lanes in the busiest Vons in the US???

  2. Urg. That’s the connector from the Hollywood Freeway isn’t it? I hate that during rush hour.

  3. Dear Kat, my retirement from traffic is well deserved…I spent many, many, many hours in traffic…driving from Long Beach to Van Nuys on a daily basis, then LB to Riverside and Grand Terrace!!! One of my two most memorable days of traffic was about 6 ours on the 605 the day of the Rodney King riots…I thought I’d avoid the bumper cars that some idiots were playing on the 110 and feared the same on the 710…seems everyone else had the same idea!!! Then there was the time that it was raining so hard the 22 flooded. I was going north on the 22, then a dead stop…no one was moving anywhere…no offramps between me and the flood. There was a weird shadow dance going on in the car ahead of me…then I figured out, the driver had taken out his violin/fiddle and was practicing!!! I think I had a book and read!!! It took a couple of hours to finally get off the freeway and I took surface streets in Garden Grove in circles until I finally found a familiar route and made it home!!!

    • You win! You get the “crazy traffic jams” and “things I’ve seen in traffic” (practicing violin? Really?) double-blue-ribbon award. Thank goodness you had a book along, and I can’t blame a musician for taking every opportunity to improve their skill. I hope you never, ever have to drive in traffic again.

      But I’m still jealous that you’re looking at mountains every day!

  4. Chieftess better stop bragging about those gorgeous, calm mountain views or she’ll have some LA bloggers on her doorstep!

    Love this, Kat. I like the noise of the shot — for a noisy setting. Neat!

  5. Hmmm…guess I’d better ramp up those comments about calm, cool, peaceful mountain views!!! Y’all are all welcome, anytime!!! Just give us a hoot and a holler!!!

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