A little bit of red 2

By: klikkonthis

Aug 26 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Still following my mother-in-law’s advice: “put a little bit of red in your photos. It will make even a plain photo pop.”

Still not wrong.

Previous Red photo

Jones Coffee Roasters, S. Raymond, Pasadena.


6 comments on “A little bit of red 2”

  1. Yes, I have heard the same advice as you got from your mother -in -law…
    Anyway, this is really nice!!:)

  2. Both of you are wise people!!

  3. I heard that advice about fashion, too. Add a little red and the whole outfit looks chic. I’m afraid I took this advice way too much to heart in the early 90s. All that red lipstick…

  4. I got so caught up in my flashback I forgot to say how great this picture is. And it’s true — that red cushion is great.

    • My mother in law is an artist (and runs an art studio), and I was once at her house when she was hanging a very lovely painting that she had just purchased. She looked at it thoughtfully, got out her paints and then added a dash of orange. She whispered to me that I was not to tell anyone she had done that!

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