you are here now.

By: klikkonthis

Aug 19 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Good to know.


9 comments on “you are here now.”

  1. Better than being there later.

  2. I’m here but where are you?

  3. How do I know that I am here right now?
    I’m but a flash within the cosmic flow.

  4. Is that Yoko’s new California office?

  5. I once shared a house with a guy who used to say, “It’s me here”, when he introduced himself on the phone. Occasionally the person he was talking to would reply, “No, it’s ME here.” And an argument would ensue.

    • I can see how this would be confusing Although the problem could have been solved if one of them had the courage to throw the grammar book out the window and reply “It is I, here.”

      This is just another sad example of the price we all pay for attempting to speak correctly.

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