Photo from the future…UPDATE!

(based on a question from a reader, I’ve clarified this post, just a little…)

So why do I think this is a photo from the future?

It’s just an accidental photo of the console of my car and my grocery shopping. Sure, the glare makes it oddly look like something out of a graphic novel, but really it was nothing special and not normally something I’d consider blog-worthy–

–but my photo sorting program kept tagging this photo as my “most recent” — so I took another look.

And then I discovered it. The date my computer assigned to this photo in its code.

March 4…2036.

Yes, a full TWENTY SIX YEARS in the future!

So this begs the question. Is this a simple techno-glitch–

–or has a glimpse of humanity’s destiny been revealed?

I study the photo for clues…

(And I worry that future-me might have to wear a jump suit. It’s in all the sci-fi books and movies after all…)


6 comments on “Photo from the future…UPDATE!”

  1. Man, that means we’ll still be driving that car in 26 years n

  2. If you want the flying car, then you’re going to have to go with the jumpsuit.

  3. Honey…in 26 years, that’ll be the least of your worries!!!

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