Classic Pasadena: The Rose Bowl

Yesterday was the LA foodfest which took place at the Rose Bowl here in Pasadena…

….Which made for a great opportunity to take a photo of the Rose Bowl looking about as classically Rose Bowly as possible.

PS the food and the music were great, too.


5 comments on “Classic Pasadena: The Rose Bowl”

  1. Glad you got to go! The tickets were a bit pricey for my wallet, but it seemed like a great deal.

    • It was so much fun– it would have been right up your alley, I think. But you’re right…the tickets were pricey. In the end, though, for the amount of food and fun I felt like it ended up being worth it. Lots of parents and babies there, running around the ‘Bowl, spread out on blankets on the field… And lots of awesome people watching. I got some great photos that I’ll probably be running over the next few weeks.

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