Telephone Pole Lady

I don’t know who she is, this lady I spotted stenciled onto a telephone pole…

But it does look like she’s winking at me.

Naughty lady.


6 comments on “Telephone Pole Lady”

  1. Looks more like a black eye to me. Did you see in the news that the guy who stenciled those cute cats everywhere has got prison time?

    • ewww! Black eye! I never thought of that.

      I DID see about that guy; such a shame! He’s a 32 year old, very talented graphic artist (according to news reports). I think he got something like 90 days and some restitution.

      I still think it’s a mis-use of the legal system. Give him a cease and desist, if necessary– but go after the taggers who are REALLy defacing things. Not painting cute kitties.

      One of the most awesome pieces I noticed of his on the 110 fwy was a beat up oil drum with his classic kitty face painted on it, and propped up on “legs” facing the northbound traffic. If I could have, I would have stopped and picked it up before it got trashed, and put it on display. It was a very clever use of found objects to create a really cool piece of art. A few days later, I noticed the oil drum was smashed, and a few days later it was gone… Ah, the ephemeral nature of art! Especially guerilla graffiti art. I regret I was never able to get a photo of it– too dangerous to do in traffic.

  2. Wow. Looks eerily like Ronnie Spector.

  3. I think it’s Brenda Lee, a songstress from the ’50s. “I’m Sorry” and other tear jerkers – “won’t you accept my apologeeeees?” But…. why would anyone stencil her on a telephone pole? Perhaps she’s secretly working for a comeback.

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