something’s missing…

Let’s see…

Portico? Check.
Front steps? Check.
House number? Check.

Hmm. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something still seems missing….

Oh, right.

The rest of the house.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Today is “Save Hahamongna Day” in Pasadena. The Hahamongna is an environmentally sensitive watershed area in Pasadena (read; habitat and floodplain) , and the City Council is proposing to build parking lots and soccer fields there. Soccer fields in a flood plain? In a bird and wildlife habitat? Sounds a little crazy, right? Sounds like it will get flooded every year. Sounds like birds and animals will be disrupted. Sounds like it might be a giant waste of money.

You’d be right about all of that.

Well, on July 12 the City Council will be making their final determination of this important area’s fate.

Here’s a link to the blog Pasadena Daily Photo where there is lots of great information, and suggestions on what you can do to make your voice heard.

And a website specifically about the Hahamongna Watershed


2 comments on “something’s missing…”

  1. an appropriate orange entry after the netherlands getting into into the finals for soccer. Mind you either spain or germany (the opponent for sunday) both play very well, but we seem to have gone all mad and think this cup has to be ours.
    I don’t know if your tv shows anything of the madness here, but in every major city, big screens are hung outside and on the evenings the dutch play the inner cities turn into an orange sea of vuvuzela blowing people. Afterwards cars keep on driving while honking through the streets. So far most events are withouts incidents apart from people diving into fountains and simply disturbing traffic because of dancing on the streets. It’s a mad house and i cannot grasp what will happen if we do win!

    • My husband and I will be watching the game on Sunday! If Holland wins, I’d love to see a photo of all the excitement. And I hope you play Spain — I know it’s wrong, but I really want to see the Germans trounced and booted out of the tournament! Lol. I’ll be thinking of you Sunday.

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