I interrupt today’s blog for an update: It’s save the Hahamongna Watershed Day!

By: klikkonthis

Jul 07 2010

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A SPECIAL NOTE: Today is “Save Hahamongna Day” in Pasadena. The Hahamongna is an environmentally sensitive watershed area in Pasadena (read; habitat and floodplain), and the City Council is proposing to build parking lots and soccer fields there.

Soccer fields in a flood plain?

In a bird and wildlife habitat?

Sounds a little crazy, right? Sounds like it will get flooded every year. Sounds like birds and animals will be disrupted. Sounds like it might be a giant waste of money.

You’d be right about all of that.

Well, on July 12 the City Council will be making their final determination on this important area’s fate.

Here’s a link to the blog Pasadena Daily Photo where there is a lot more great information, and suggestions on what you can do to help.

But as a jumping off place — email Pasadena City Council — and let your views be known.

Also, here’s a link a website specifically about the saving the Hahamongna Watershed


7 comments on “I interrupt today’s blog for an update: It’s save the Hahamongna Watershed Day!”

  1. Kat! Thank you so much for adding your (way more than) two cents. What a great post.

    • Ugh, I’m mad at myself that I was so lax, and didn’t get it together sooner– but I’m so happy that Pasadena has such a great group of alert and involved people!

  2. I”m an outsider ( Birmingham , Al to be exact) but I recently had the privilege to visit Pasadena, So Pas and Brentwood where I was made to feel at home by blog readers and fellow bloggers. Now I feel a part of your community and am kept abreast of the goings on by my friends there. Bravo for your community spirit! Keep up the good fight.

  3. I’m a relatively new blogger myself (I joined the community in January of this year) and I’ve been so amazed at the community spirit of the bloggers, and I’ve been so flattered to be so welcomed. Next time you hit these parts, I hope to meet you!

  4. Thanks for the post! Isn’t it amazing that so many bloggers have written their own take on this – each of them expressing themselves much better than I ever could. I’m full of admiration for all of you.

  5. I won’t be in town to attend the meeting on the 12th, but will be there in spirit with you all!!!

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