In honor of the 4th of July

Once again… it’s the Patriotic Clowns.

Shriner’s Circus, Columbus Ohio. Listening to the Star Spangled Banner.


6 comments on “In honor of the 4th of July”

  1. It is so very easy to misjudge a person by his or her externalities.

  2. Are these congressmen?

  3. Back in the 70’s I attended a rodeo at the Inglewood Forum. I’ll never forget the poor spider monkeys dressed in red. white and blue spangly cowboy attire. They were strapped atop sheep dogs who ran laps during half time. I suppose the Romans might be unimpressed, but I was impressed

    You might enjoy this video. It’s relates very well to your photo

    • The little boys we took to this circus were scared the entire time. They were afraid that wire walkers and the trapeze artists were going to fall– as we all were. There were a lot of unscripted slips! At intermission we decided to take them over to look at the elephants… but as we got closer, we realized that was a terrible mistake. We shouted to the boys “don’t look in the elephants sad, sad eyes!” and we all hustled out of there. After that, I wanted to perform an elephant rescue.

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