The loneliest egg on the sidewalk

By: klikkonthis

Jun 25 2010

Category: Uncategorized


It’s that time of year where baby birds hatch out of their shells, and leave them behind as they begin their journey into the wider world.

Yep. Just leave them right behind… Right there on the sidewalk.

Like they never meant anything to each other at all.

I’m not saying that’s ungrateful,

but… I’m just sayin’.


8 comments on “The loneliest egg on the sidewalk”

  1. Good point. Birds are selfish. Let’s get them!

  2. Great shot Kat!!!

    I took a second look at the driver of a car on the freeway today…her license plate was KATWMMN…it wasn’t you…

  3. My favorite part was the invitro fertilization banner ad that ran above the picture.

  4. When I see a broken shell like this, I always hope a fully fledged bird came out of it. I worry about all the jays and crows hanging around my area waiting to steal eggs and babies. My orioles were fighting off the jays the other day.

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