Best Friends

By: klikkonthis

Jun 24 2010

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Our dog Mongoose has been getting a little space in this blog lately, and so I thought in the interest of equal time, I had to post our other dog too.

Alvin, our little cocker, is smiling on the left. On the right is his good buddy, our dog walker’s dog, Takoda.

And while Alvin and Takoda are best friends…. the real story here is the little sad face in the window behind them.

That’s Farley.

He’s Alvin’s Really, Really Best Friend.

And the look on his face seems to say “hey… how did I get left out of this picture?”

NOTE: This photo was supplied to me by our dogwalker — so the credit for the capture goes to her. Great photo… and great dogs!


7 comments on “Best Friends”

  1. Dogs are beautiful people creatures. Like horses, they seem to satisfy all the lusts in mankind and are good companions until death parts us all. Harley feels left out and knows his place is in the middle and I am sure wishes you would remember him when it comes picture taking time. I love the expression on these two and him too.

  2. What cute babies they are! I love this picture. They really are mans best friend!

  3. Awwww…poor Farley!!! Perhaps there’s a smidgen of concern that Alvin likes Takoda best because they look so much alike, as if they were family… it’s hard feeling left out…

  4. Alvin looks so little! You have it pegged right–“how come I don’t rate being in the picture.”

  5. It’s really been dog week on the blogs. These cuties are lucky pups.

    If anyone’s looking to adopt, my friend has a darling dog looking for a home:

  6. Poor sad puppy! I want one!

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