My dog’s new favorite monkey

By: klikkonthis

Jun 03 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

Meet my dog’s new favorite monkey.

Poor little Resting Monkey (Monkey Me-Time) has finally gone to a place of permanent (and I hope peaceful) rest.

And, although the new guy hasn’t lived with us for very long, I already have a few observations.

For one thing– he’s not as charming and quiet as Resting Monkey was. In fact, he plays a pretty obnoxious little song that goes something like this:

doodleooodoodoodloodoodooldoo doo doo,
doodleoodoo doodoodloodoodoodloodooooo —

BA-boww boww
BAMP badadada,
BA-boww boww bowwwwww

–And he plays it loudly.

He plays it when Mongoose bites him, runs with him, flings him up in the air, or even just sniffs him.

He plays it when big trucks rumble past on the street.

He plays it in bed at night when my husband or I accidentally roll over on him because Mongoose has hidden him in the bed.

He plays it alot.

And the worst part is, although he drives me crazy, Singing Monkey knows I can’t get rid of him.

Because my dog loves him so much.

And Singing Monkey looks really, really smug about it.


7 comments on “My dog’s new favorite monkey”

  1. I love me some monkey and trying to do “the monkey dance” when he goes off and having the dog stare at me like I’ve been licking toads. That is a great picture though. I wonder if I can find something with a more annoying song but it will be hard…..

  2. Our Daisy has two favorite toys…one is a stuffed rattlesnake that used to rattle whenever she picked it up…but her favorite was always the montard….now, you may be wondering “what exactly is a montard”… we’re not quite sure…other than it looks like a monkey but has spots like a leopard. The montard was Daisy’s favorite for years…the stuffing is completely gone, the noisemaker gone (there is hope)…and like the Velveteen rabbit, the montard is no longer the first toy Daisy picks up…but he is still with us….

  3. Take it from this Dog – you’re dog wood make any cat his “fav monkey.” 😀

  4. You people amaze me. Boz can’t keep a toy for longer than a few hours. That’s why I love Walgreen’s. Two bucks.

  5. Imagine finding him on monkey flannel sheets

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