India: Devotion 4

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: In Delhi, there’s a beautiful mosque, built by Shah Jihan (of Taj Mahal fame), called Jama Masjid. (click for a previous photo of this mosque.)” We were there when they were preparing for an enormous friday worship ceremony — laying out hundreds of prayer rugs and awnings to protect the worshipers from the 110 degree heat of the afternoon.

WHAT AM I DOING TODAY, AN EXPLANATION; I’m using the next few Sundays to showcase the last of my favorite photos from our recent trip to London and India. Just like last Sunday’s eight-photo series “Colors”, this will be an eight-photo series called “India: Devotion.”

The series began at midnight and runs through 11.59 pm today. Each photo will run for three hours. For previous photos, please check the archives.

SO WHAT IS THIS SERIES ABOUT?: All throughout India you encounter people who have devoted their lives to their religion; Pilgrims… Priests… Teachers… Sahdu… Imams — or just devout believers.

Religion is such a part of life, or so it seems to the casual passerby, as to be inseparable from it. It’s especially obvious in places of special religious meaning, such as Varanasi, Mysore, Sarnath, and many others. Today, I’m trying to show a little bit of the various kinds of devotion we experienced on our trip.


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