India: Color 6

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Decorated bicycle rickshaw.

WHAT AM I DOING TODAY, AN EXPLANATION; Today, I’m doing a one-day, 8 photo series — begun at midnight and which will run through 11.59 pm tonight. Each photo will run for about three hours. If you’ve missed some photos, check the archives for the earlier ones, and a fuller explanation.

SO WHAT IS TODAY’S SERIES ABOUT?: One of the more amazing things about India is all the incredibly vibrant colors every where and anywhere– colors that grab your eyes while simultaneously taking your breath away. From rich to poor, the sacred to the mundane, everything is painted, decorated, embellished, or has a natural hue that we just don’t see here in such abundance. This will be a selection of some of the most striking, each for different reasons. I’ll end tonight with my favorite.


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