Pasadena: Wait, I think I might have temporarily misplaced my dog…

By: klikkonthis

May 18 2010

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Okay. So, I admit it. Post-trip my life’s been in a bit of disarray.

Clothes, suitcases, travel gear…. Nothing’s been completely put away and a lot of it has ended up in our bedroom where it gets tossed from the floor to the bed, to the closet, then back out of the closet and onto the bed as I paw through it all looking for things I can’t find because I haven’t taken the time to reorganize them and put them away.

But when you can’t find your dog, and then discover she’s been patiently staring at you from the middle of the mess as you frantically rifle through it like a mad woman, that’s when you realize…

It’s time to put the jet lag behind you and pull it together again.

Either that or get a whole new bedroom for the dog to live in for the duration.


7 comments on “Pasadena: Wait, I think I might have temporarily misplaced my dog…”

  1. Does this look familiar! Bed hog!

  2. Traveling, takin vacations will put one’s life in stress and disarray. Butt, now that you’re back you’ll bee able to get some rest & relaxation. 😉

  3. Wait, I’m under there.

  4. I can sooooo relate!!!

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