The scarf seller

The scarves are printed with images of Hindu Dieties and sold to pilgrims on their way to bathe in the Ganges.

(I’ve been posting photos of my recent trip to India, and of our adventures getting trapped in London by the Icelandic volcano ash cloud. For previous pictures and posts, check out my archive. I’ll be returning to my original mandate of a photo a day of Pasadena and the area very soon.)


5 comments on “The scarf seller”

    • The colors in India were, across the board, just outrageously beautiful. I can’t tell you how many photos I have that are just a riot of amazing shades of every color you can imagine. Beads, sarees, spices, nuts, flowers… everything.

  1. beautiful color photo : )

  2. Totally cool! I love the colors as well. Now what are the water bottle for?

    • Funny you should ask! They are to sell to pilgrims so they can collect water from the Ganges and then take it to the temple as a devotional offering.

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