One picture.

One busy road.

Three of the most common methods of transport used in India.

(I’ve been posting photos of my recent trip to India and London –not to mention the story of our adventure getting trapped in the UK by the Icelandic volcano ash cloud. For more photos and the story, check out my archives. I’ll be returning this blog to its original mandate of one photo a day from in, or near, Pasadena, very soon.)


3 comments on “Transport”

  1. That mode of transportation actually might be more proficient here in the LA area these days…

  2. No kidding! We had to drive down Sunset yesterday– with the 405 in shambles, everything is madness!

    What was really awesome about traffic in the cities I went to was, although apparently chaotic with animals, people, bikes, camels, carts (and on and on) there is definite method to the madness. And there are far fewer accidents than you would expect.

    Although still much more than here…

  3. The hubman went to Manilla a few years back and had the same experience…he said that traffic lanes and signals were merely guidelines and not to be taken seriously…and yet traffic moved like a well choreographed dance…

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