Varanasi Dog

By: klikkonthis

May 09 2010

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Near the cremation ghats, Varanasi.

While surrounded by the devout performing rituals of grief and death, other life persists.

And even thrives.

I thought I would be sad about the plight of stray dogs in India. But while the majority of the dogs we saw were skinny, they were well fed. As with the cows, people make a point of feeding them on a daily basis.

And by and large they were also surprisingly healthy.

Even this three legged example.

After a little thought, I realized he probably couldn’t have survived an injury like this without a little help…


4 comments on “Varanasi Dog”

  1. Note: even though this comment came in tagged as spam, I’m allowing it on the site, because the website has some great information about Varanasi and it’s surroundings. Clearly, this was a place in India that I found truly profound. –Kat

    The venerable and ancient city Varanasi is the religious centre of the world for Hindus. A magnificent city, with myriad attractions, both as an exalted place of pilgrimage and a microcosmic centre of faith.

  2. I wonder if I could take it. Sad, sweet, profound, poor, rich. Too much, maybe.

    • I wondered that myself before I went. I will say that it was really amazing to see all aspects of life, from birth to death all side by side in one city. While it was intense, I never found it disturbing– but it was seriously thought provoking. In looking back at my photos, it’s the ones I took here that I respond to the most.

  3. Seriously, Kat, I think there might be a writer in you.

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