In the Mosque, Delhi

Jama Masjid Mosque, Delhi. Designed by Shah Jahan, of Taj Majal fame, in the mid seventeenth century.

All female visitors, Indian and non-Indian, are required to don an overdress upon entering the mosque.

In other contexts, the dress might seem garish.

In this context, it was striking.

(Note, I’m currently posting photos from my recent trip to India, and the UK as I slowly deal with my jet lag and work on getting my blog back to normal. Please check my archives for previous photos and the story of this crazy adventure.)


5 comments on “In the Mosque, Delhi”

  1. It is especially haunting with the headless woman with the camera…great effect!

  2. Welcome back! I’ve enjoyed your colorful posts from faraway lands.

  3. Thanks so much! I’m still a little discombobulated, but I’m hoping to soon be back (mentally) in the right time zone! Lol. It’s really been fun and I’m so flattered that people have peeked in on the crazy ride…. And speaking of which, rumor has it that there was a great tour today in Pasadena. I hope it was fantastic!

  4. Lovely. We visited the first and oldest Mosque built in Africa, while we were in Cairo, and my overdress was simply a VERY bright greeen. Not exactly my color, and the polka dots would have been a nice touch. But the whole experience was very cool!

    • The woman in the foreground of this photo was one of our traveling companions… she’s of Iranian heritage and has been to Mosques in the Middle East several times. We teased her that’s why she looked so much better than us. No woman can look that good in an overdress and scarf unless she’s had experience!

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