Goodby to London

well, the ash cloud never descended, so it’s Goodbye now to civilized England, the perfect place to transition from India and then back to LA.

The great things one appreciates about London when you’ve been in India for a longish time:

–The ability to order a drink with ice in it without worrying that you will get sick.

–Taking a shower and not worrying if water gets in your mouth or eyes.

–The ability to take a shower and know that you will actually stay clean longer than the amount of time it takes you to walk out of your hotel room and onto the street in, say, Delhi

–The fact that drivers actually stay on their own side of the road (even if it’s the wrong side as far as we’re concerned.)

And lastly… Tea in the afternoon.

So… This is our goodbye to beautiful, chaotic, life changing India

And goodbye to London with it’s clear sense of order (except in soho, where anything goes, especially at night in the pubs)

And soon, hello to LA with it’s relaxed attitude and sunny skies, and our home, dogs and garden.

It’s been an amazing trip.


4 comments on “Goodby to London”

  1. Such a picture of civilized… you have experienced it all on this trip….now for time to let it all “brew”.

  2. Talk about a ride on a magic carpet!!! I think you did it all!!!

  3. You’ve reminded me about the tap water problem in India – I found it really hard to remember not to use the tap water when brushing my teeth. I’m still in Holland and beginning to miss Pasadena, so I’m looking forward to some neighborhood photos on your blog soon. But isn’t it sad that people are stealing the old lamp posts on South Orange Grove and North San Rafael?

    • That’s where I ran into trouble too! I’d be halfway though brushing my teeth and then suddenly remember. Where/when did you go to India? I’m jealous you’re in Holland, that’s where my people come from!

      And… Stealing lamppost on Orange Grove! When did this start? What crime wave have I been missing while I’ve been gone?

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