Just a reminder, to those of you who might forget…

…please rinse and return to your milkman.

Now that I’m back in London, I’m continuing the coffee hunt that I began during the Great Ash Crisis. –see archives for more info about this.

When we were here two weeks ago, I located two out of the three best places in Soho. Now I’m on the hunt for the last one.

The place where I took this photo is called Foxcroft and Ginger and, in addition to some excellent sandwiches and decent coffee they sell Monmouth coffee beans. Monmouth is the last espresso bar I’m looking for. They and their beans are famous enough out here that serving coffee made with Monmouth beans is a selling point. Now I know I’m getting close….)


8 comments on “Just a reminder, to those of you who might forget…”

  1. this is one of your better tasting blog writings.

    kat: when are you’re travels gonna bring you next to our part of the world?

    • I’ll be back Pasadena way in the next couple of days. Friday is probably when I’ll be surfacing as a real human being again. 🙂 Also, I had some macaron in London, in a Japanese dim sum place thar were awesome and reminded me of you!

  2. Glad to hear you’re not letting up on your quest for the best coffee…it’s a tough job, but some American’s got to do it!!! And you’re the girl for the job!!!

    • Well, good coffee is kind of a new thing for London, so I really feel it’s our duty to support them. I only regret I didn’t have the time to go to all nine places that the NY Times wrote about. Also, one of the guys I talked to at Flat White clued me in to some other places in the east end that I didn’t have time to go to. A quest for my next trip! And I’m coming home with espresso beans. I call that a success.

  3. Did I mention that I’m a tad jealous? I love London. Love, love, love it.

    • London is one of my favorite cities of all time so, to be honest, if we had been trapped here on any leg of our trip, I wouldn’t have been too unhappy about it… 🙂

  4. What sort of tecnique do you use to get the artistic touch to your photos?
    I also look forward to more “coffee news”.

    • Sorry for the slow reply… Just getting back to my own timezone and gradually reacclimatizing! I take my photos (unless otherwise noted) with my iPhone, and I sometimes use iPhone apps to add some special interest to them. The particular app I used for this one is called Hipstamatic. It has several different settings for it (and some extras you have to pay more for). I just played around until I found a combo I liked. Unlike some other apps, you can’t take a regular iPhone picture and then alter it, you have to take your picture through the lense of the app– and there’s kind of an element of pot luck, as we say, involved. The effects can sometimes be a little random– which I like. It’s worth playing around with if you have an iPhone. Enjoy!

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