Mini golf Buddha

By: klikkonthis

May 01 2010

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Even though I’m still in India, today, my blog is participating once again in City Daily Photo’s Theme Day.  The theme is: Statues.

–But this post is also in honor of awesome local blogger Pasadena Adjacent and her love of giant, cement art.

I took this picture on a Christmas trip to Tucson a couple of years ago.   This was at an old mini-golf course –one of the originals built in the early 50’s.

My sister, my nephew, my husband and I had the honor to play one of the last rounds of mini golf there before the whole place was closed for tear down.

I’ve got a couple more crazy pictures from this place, a giant fish, a monkey that looks like it’s pooping (always a classic), an Easter Island head so big I’ve got a picture of us all inside it, peeking out the eyes and nose, and I’ll post them here and there as the mood strikes.

For now, contemplate this Buddha (ignore the slightly racy placement of his hands– I think it was meant to look serene back in the day when it was okay for other peoples’ religions to be the subject of, well, giant mini golf statues) and think of all those mini-golf days of yore when this statue must have been truly a glory to see.

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8 comments on “Mini golf Buddha”

  1. So many jokes…. (all about his hands though). I think Buddha looks a little pissed off. I guess I would be to if people were hitting balls toward my … inner peace.

  2. ok, it’s the day after (I tend to be late)
    anyhow I was going through the thumbnail participant log and only three images made me stop and enlarge (Vegas…you must see) and cat on a roof and yours. Most went with big bulky bronzes….why I ask? When I saw the pink buddha and opened the image up I discovered it was yours. It did not surprise me but the tribute did. Thank you.

    This is great. You have to ask yourself these questions; why is the torso pink and not the head? or why the grimace? is enlightenment painful? Do the golf balls make their way through the holes in the hands?

    • Lol! I think he’s grimacing because he was anticipating getting hit alot!

      As for the hands… If my memory is correct, the balls would come out of his hands. I feel like you had to chip shot the ball somewhere, then it would roll around in te big guy and then shoot out one of the hands.

      I have several pictures from this place… A giant carp, the pooping monkey (a personal favorite) and a giant Easter Island head. If you like cement scupltures, they’ve got ’em!

      And, I hears that, although the place is closed, that the owners haven’t yet torn it down yet to build whatever boring and aweful thing they are planning.

  3. Unfortunately, the miniature golf place was sold to a car dealership to be a parking lot last year. A couple of the statues have been relocated around town; the rest are moldering and being vandalized. 😦

    • Sorry for the late reply– finally getting back to “normal” time after my trip. So sad to hear that, of all things, the mini golf course was sold for a parking lot. But at least it’s good that some of the statues have been saved. Sorry to hear others are getting vandalized. That was such a crazy, amazing place. I’ll bet in it’s heyday it was just fantastic!

      But, I guess things always change…

  4. That is so sad but it seems such is the way of the world.

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