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Apr 30 2010

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A very quick post while I can grab some wifi.

Outside the Shiva temple of Mysore.

Shiva’s vehicle is the bull– and the courtyard outside of this temples filled with cows.

These two young ones, were perfectly posed near the exit gate, paying no attention to all the people bustling by.

(note: I’m posting from India– it’s a little haphazard right now, but you can always check the archive to see if there’s anything you’ve missed.)


2 comments on “Mysore”

  1. Great, now I’m hungry. Yeah, I know, cows sacred. Do you know where I can get a swan? I also have a craving for some swan…

    Looking forward to those wedding pics and hope the groom rides the elephant!!!!

    • Shame on you for wanting to eat the sacred cows! I actually made friends with one or two of them. I apparently know the best spot to scratch a cow and make them happy. (it’s a spot right between the ears and te horns… Just so you know.)

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