Back on the road.

By: klikkonthis

Apr 30 2010

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Follow up from the previous post. (check archives)

A new bus arrived and finally got us on the road from Mysore to Bangalore. The groom is going to get to his wedding on time.

We think.

So far we have had to stop once to allow the bus driver to take a hammer and chisel to the brakes.

Don’t ask.

We didn’t.

Meanwhile, as we travel, here’s a photo I took yesterday on the way up to the Mysore Temple. There are a thousand steps to climb, and along the way (in addition to monkeys) are little shelters. Very often there were women and children in them, presumabley taking a break from the heat and the difficult climb.

This shelter was stocked with a well and a water vessel.


2 comments on “Back on the road.”

  1. I love the composition of this! Any monkey attacks yet? Glad you are on your way!

    • There were lots of monkeys there, but no one was attacked. The monkeys were very polite. I did get a couple of shots of monkeys eating bananas. So… It’s not a cliche. They love those things!

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