Between Delhi and Agra

By: klikkonthis

Apr 27 2010

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Sign for the ladies’s facilities in a truck stop on the way to Agra.

And, incidentally, there was a woman inside the bathroom dressed quite a bit like this statue, and her job was to hand you napkins after you’ve washed up. Her two little girls were with her, and were very helpful too.

And thank god they were there. I don’t know how I could have dried my hands without them.

In other news…

This is the perfect segue to mention that I’m going to be in transit for a couple days, and I’m not sure what my Internet access will be. And notice how I unconsciously capitalized “Internet” which tells you what a nerd I really am.

But that is neither here nor there… The bottom line is that it may be a day or two before I post again.

Over and out.


2 comments on “Between Delhi and Agra”

  1. We’ll suffer through your absence…as long as we can visit now the site now and then to get a klik pic fix…

  2. This is a beautiful photo. I could spend some time with it.

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