Everything matches at the Taj Mahal

By: klikkonthis

Apr 25 2010

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…even the trash bins and paint cans are art directed here.

Okay, so this is not the photo one expects to capture at the Taj Mahal, but frankly every other picture I took was so heartbreakingly beautiful that it looked fake.

And it’s not that I’m a fantastic photographer, it’s just that it’s impossible to take a bad picture of a place so amazing that it makes you want to cry just to look at it.


So, here you go instead: Maintenance work being done at one of the two giant red sandstone buildings that flank the Taj.

Just as lovely in its own, more modest way.

(Note; first I was updating about being trapped in London by “the Great Ash Crisis”, now I’m posting about having made it to India. I’m trying, when possible to put up a couple pictures a day. If you’re interested, check the archive for some previous photos.)


8 comments on “Everything matches at the Taj Mahal”

  1. This is definitely a very different take on the Taj Mahal. But you’re right, it makes for a very interesting photo.

    I hope you’re having a grand time, now that you’ve finally made it to India!

  2. This picture is so cool!

  3. The Taj is out of this world in so many ways. Fantastic, majestic and touristy and sometimes simply ethereal. I wouldn’t miss it!

    • We loved it. It was breathtaking. And since we’re in the hot season here (113 today) not many westerners touring. It was almost all local Agra people, or people who had travelled from the country for a political rally that happened this week.

      Oh, and, of course, we got the traditional “married couple in love” photo in front of the building.. 🙂

  4. SO glad you got there & so very glad you are enjoying it! For us – lots of travel… and the Taj has always taken the trophy for most surprising. You expect it to be ‘great’ and instead it always ends up as ‘breathtaking’….

    • We’ve been having a great time. No malaria pills problems, which was our big fear. Off to Varanasi on the tiniest plane in the world…. But not before all my costume jewelry was searhced, looking for… Antiques? I don’t know. But I passerd inspection so now onward!

      Oh– and you are the only person I know who would enjoy this. We saw Flinders Petrie’s house in Hampstead, England. I thought of you!

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