Bread stall at the market

Chandni Chawk bazaar dates back to the Muhgal era and the upper floors of a lot of these buildings still have decorative carved wooden screens to keep the women from being seen from below.

Each narrow street in this area is devoted to a different item– books, silver, cards, meats… This shop was all about bread.

Taken from a bicycle rickshaw as we wound our way through the market.


5 comments on “Bread stall at the market”

  1. Looks like you’re enjoying your travels and getting plenty of rest & relaxation overseas. You’ll be back home refreshed and energized!

  2. The funny thing about yesterday is that all foreigners were warned to stay away from crowded places because of a bomb threat but we ended up, kinda sorta accidentally, heading right into the heart of it.

    Our guide wanted us to see this market so she hired 2 pedicabs for the four of us travelers, and gave them orders, in Hindi, to zip through thie whole area without stopping, and only go on the more obscure streets. We didn’t find out until later that the rather amorphous bomb threat that day had been specifically for the very same market we were in. Our guide knew that…but hadn’t wanted us to miss it.

    And I have to agree! It was worth the after-the-fact terror we felt when we found out about the threat. That market was awesome…

    And it did explain why all the market vendors were looking at us like we were crazy…

  3. I like the flow of this photo. Very nice!

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