Tata and Tuk-Tuk

By: klikkonthis

Apr 23 2010

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Okay, I lied…today at least it is easy to post.

The white car is an official government car– made by the giant car company Tata. The car is based on the design of the British Morris Minor.

The little yellow and green vehicle is a Tuk Tuk. Tiny, gas powered cab– named for the sound it’s engine makes as it putters down the road…. “tuktuktuktuk…”

They seem to travel in flocks. Don’t be surprised if I bring one home to drive around Pasadena.

I thin we could use a good Tuk Tuk fleet for Old Town…


4 comments on “Tata and Tuk-Tuk”

  1. Tsk, tsk…well, ok, you’re excused…but only because your tata and tuk tuk are just so darned cute!!!!

  2. My son, Max, LOVES the tuk tuks! He can stand, wedged between my knees, and “surf”! We took those daily from the Sheraton Mirimar in El Gouna, Egypt, to the marina and/or the downtown shopping area. 5 egyptian pounds for one person, 10 for two, and the kids ride free…what a deal! And not all of them were yellow and black…they had the Spiderman TukTuk, the pink roses TukTuk, the Mickey Mouse TukTuk, the Lion Kink TukTuk…you get the picture. How cool. 🙂

    • That’s really funny! The tuk tusk in India are highly decorated too… But in less identifiable designs. Flowers, Gods, beads, metal birds, sanscrit… It was all supper creative. In Mysore, I took a video on my phone of our ride, complete with crazy traffic and crazy driving. When the driver realized I was taping, he shouted “Mysore Tiger!” — which was his driving nick name. It was awesome.

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