what crisis?

This is us pretending nothing is happening as we wait today to find out about our flight out of London to Dehli. Will we still be stymied by volcanic clouds of spun glass?

I wonder what’s going to happen….

(I’ve been sending updates from London about the volcano crisis. For previous posts, check the archives for the last several days.)


2 comments on “what crisis?”

  1. Well I hope you get it figured out because I know you have another wedding to attend. And from the looks of this photo, things are starting to get a little weird.

    If you have a mind to, visit my curmudgeon friend Dive at http://smallglassplanet.blogspot.com/ just for the hell of it. He works in London and I told him I have two stranded Pasadena friends. Be sure and comment on his WTF Monday photo. He liked my Zen Monday and took it to his own new levels.

  2. I’m a sucker for flamingos….

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