Ducking into the Dog and Duck and flight update

So, here’s a view out the window of the Dog and Duck pub in Soho. And, apropos of nothing, but an interesting factoid– One of the smallest pubs in London.

Doesn’t it look pretty here? Tulips are blooming, sun is shining… Not a (visible) (ash) cloud in the sky.


This is the update: Our airline has announced they are going to TRY to do our flight tomorrow.


Are we sure we want them to TRY to fly though a volcano?

In any case, they’re making another announcement at 11.00 pm tonight. We’ll wait for that one too… Suitcases in hand.

In the meantime, this great pub is where we stopped while we discussed contingency plans.

Yesterday we booked a hotel for several extra days on the assumption that we’d still be here.

You know how many people in London are trying to do the same thing?

A lot.

But, we luckilly got a room. And a very nice room to boot– even if we didn’t want it.

And then now we may not need it.

Oh– and I heard a newscaster joke that the only airport in Europe that’s been consistently open is in Iceland.

Bad form, Iceland!

Over and out.

(note, I’m updating my blog from London where we are stranded because of the Icelandic ash cloud. I’m posting a couple times a day– this is post 1, April 19. Check out the archives for previous posts and a couple of fun pictures.)


8 comments on “Ducking into the Dog and Duck and flight update”

  1. Thanks so much for the many photos during the day.Let’s hope you get away tomorrow, sounds good for you. But I agree that it’s very stressful having so much uncertainty – and I’m in a far better position than you are. I was just relaxing and making plans for the rest of the week in London when they announced that maybe flights will start again. Now what do I do? Pack and make the trek to Heathrow only to have the flight cancelled again? There are thousands in the same state of limbo. Thanks a lot, Iceland!

  2. Good news! We’ll be staying tuned. It looks as if you’ll be flying over the Med most of the way.

    Enjoy supporting the pubs of London until further notice. J&J

  3. I don’t think I’d want to be on the first flight out…

  4. I think once an “Ok for Lift off” date is announced, say this Wed or next month, there is gonna be a backlogged waiting list. So, it may be daze after the initial date before ones turn comes up.

  5. I’m sure Iceland would control their volcanoes if they could…

  6. The tulips are so pretty. Yesterday when I saw this it reminded me of my fav yellow umbrellas so I went to Elements for lunch and double fail, they were closed. 😦 So went for sushi instead since I didn’t have a cool pub. Going back to Elements Cafe on Wednesday before heading to Laguna or on Thursday.

    BTW – how small is small?

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