It’s very green. Anyone ever noticed that before?

At least, it is so far. That may change. In the meantime… We’re hanging out in pubs with friends
who are stranded and trying to get back home, chatting with bewildered tourists on the street, and having a beer with some of the “screw it, we’ll drink our way through it” types.

Oh, and the news is starting to say that if the flight embargo doesn’t lift, England is going to run out of food because they import everything.

Perhaps a little alarmist… But then again, who predicted an Icelandic volcano that would shut down the northern hemisphere?

In the meantime, enjoy the classic Englishness of this photo.

For the next few days as we figure out what’s going on and if we’ll be flying to our next wedding, my blog is going to be a mix of the photos I had set up previously to publish, and a few scattered current history photos and news bulletins as I get the opportunity.

And I may not always have the opportunity. So if the blog jumps around a little– we’ll call it the ripple effect of world events.

And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, please look at the archive for yesterday– a post called: “I interrupt this blog for a volcano.”

I’m working with primitive equipment here, and I can’t figure out how to post a link.

–Have a good day, and may a volcano not interfere with your life.


12 comments on “so…England.”

  1. So glad to hear you’re putting a little adventure into your volcanic interruptus…

    • It’s a little crazy here — a touch of panic is starting in the streets. I have the feeling that the per capita drinking in London is going to go up over the next several days just from tourist stress. I.e. — tourists drinking because they’re stuck and locals drinking because they’re sick of the whining tourists!

  2. ps…love the photo!!!

  3. Don’t worry. I am sure there is plenty of haggis (?) and New Castle beer that can come by train from Scotland!

  4. Hey look to your left. You married that guy 11 years ago today.

  5. Aw. Congrats! That was a great weekend

  6. Man what a problem to have!!! I guess it could be bad for us becasue of Gary’s asthma! Is the air okay to breath??

    • Oddly enough, the air quality is not just fine, but great! We had pretty blue skies today and warm temps. The ash, so far, is staying high enough to screw up planes, but is not coming down to mess up lungs. We’ll find out Monday, probably, if our Tuesday flight is on. Keeping fingers crossed. So far, this is fun because it hasn’t seriously impacted us. We can be the happy go lucky ones. But if our flight is cancelled in the long term, then it would start getting odd. We’ll see!

      It’s an adventure!

  7. Remember what you were telling me about your hubby being the best person for me to take on the Amazing Race? If anyone can find a way out of the country, it’s him!

    BTW – is the green a filter or is the grass that green?

    • We were just talking about the amazing race last night… At least no one is making us do challenges like bug eating, or driving a cart of coconuts before we can get to the next location!

      And the grass was incredibly green, the cab was green, the trees were green…. All so lush! But the app I used does saturate the colors somewhat.


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