I interrupt this blog for a volcano!

By: klikkonthis

Apr 16 2010

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Well, here’s something I didn’t expect to be posting:

Currently, I’m trapped in England because of a volcano.

And, yes, I realize this is not a photo of a volcano.

This is a photo of the tiny cakes served at the wedding which I have been attending. Tiny little bride and groom cakes: lemon, if you are curious. Oddly, by the end of the evening, this was the only tiny bride cakelet left…but there were still plenty of groom cakes. I assured him, it wasn’t a popularity contest, and the leftover cake ratio meant nothing. But I digress…

Back to the blog: I admit, I was just going to quietly let the blog run on auto pilot while I was gone, but I changed my mind today.

After all, who wants to miss reporting that they are TRAPPED IN A COUNTRY BECAUSE OF A VOLCANO!

Okay, full disclosure… I’m not trapped….yet.

We’re not due to fly out until Tuesday, when, perhaps, the skies will be clear again. But we’re not flying home, we’re flying to India for…. Another wedding.

If we can.

All very exciting, unless you’re living downwind of the volcano, which I apparently am.

In any case, I’m going to while away some of my time by occasionally posting photos of where I am. I’m going to assume we’ll be able to fly Tuesday– but if not (word is last time this volcano erupted it went on for two years) the house is inhabited, the dogs are fine, that garden is watered and all is well at home.

So… Look for some travel pictures (once again, I remind all of my “and beyond” disclaimer right in the name of the blog) that will probably be posted at odd hours of the day and night. Perhaps even more then one, so if you’re you might occasionally take a peek at the archives in case you missed one.

That is all. You may resume your day.


13 comments on “I interrupt this blog for a volcano!”

  1. Well if you’ve got to be trapped by a volcano, at least it’s London!!! Hope it doesn’t completely leave you stranded!!!

    • So far we’re good, just waiting riser what happens in Tuesday. A bunch of our friends are in panic because their flights have been cancelled (more than once at this point) and they have to be home. There’s a weird level of stress on the streets as all the London visitors aret eying to figure out what to do.

  2. So glad to know you will be breaking through the. Dust barrier to inform your fans. A curious world awaits

  3. It looks like our groom here is trying to warn everyone about the effects of volcanic ash. Or maybe he’s been staring at the sun too long.

  4. The Good News about a Southern Californian being held hostage in London by a volcano in Iceland is that you will be back home, sooner or later!

    Rest assured – you’ll be home, at most, in only one year!

  5. You’re in London?! And you didn’t pop over to Zurich to see ME?! I’m crushed! Too bad you couldn’t have, at least, flown this way and gotten stuck here…we were off to Cairo and Hurgada this morning, but they closed the airport last night. At least we’re “trapped” at home! Oh, well, enjoy being stranded in a far away country, not in an airport, and close to friends. 🙂

    • Lol! Seems we’ve both been impacted by this craziness! Hope your flight to Cairo was able to get out…and if so that you’ll send pictures. I’d love to go to Cairo!

  6. I love the cakelets!! OH my gosh–sorry for the weather issues but you will make the most of it! Safe Travels!

  7. um.. damn. I think I hear one talking to me. The middle one on the left. So not my thing but go them! Hope the wedding was lovely and that you are able to get out on Tuesday. We need a picture of the Taj Mahal (or however you spell it – I am too sick and lazy to look it up right now).

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