every game a winner

Circus midway.

Try your luck?


7 comments on “every game a winner”

  1. you get such interesting colors with many of your pictures, is that the camera or some “advanced” photography settings? Very vivid and contrasting colors.

  2. As always, I am charmed.

  3. Captures the essence of the carnival!!!

    • Petrea; it was actually a small and charming midway– as far as midways go.

      Chieftess: The Carnival barker who worked this game, was very (unintentionally) funny. My husband played a game and won, and the barker exclaimed, very seriously, “you are the best I’ve ever seen!” Then later, we watched my mother-in-law win, and the Barker said, with the same amount of sincerity “you’re the best I’ve ever seen!”

  4. Sounds like a successful Carnie!!!

  5. I wood try, but the hole thing looks like its fixed!

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