Tree Detail #1

Sometimes when I notice things, I begin to notice them in clusters.  For example;

swap meet objects that need a home…


Happy Grafitti Cat…

and now trees.

I’ve decided that, instead of apologizing for running photos of similar subjects, I’m going to formalize the concept instead.

So this is going to be the beginning of a small occasional series called “Tree Details.”

In fact, in some ways, I think this series started a little while back with this  tree photo .

And soon I’ll be running some other little series of photos, and I’ll label them as a series so if you like them, you know to keep an eye out for more.

As for this and other upcoming tree photos: See in them what you will.

This one makes me think of a fingerprint, or pond, or a moon crater.

But even if all you see is an interesting natural design in a very old tree, I think it’s beautiful.


6 comments on “Tree Detail #1”

  1. I see a dinosaur eye.

  2. Is the green bit a thumb tack?

  3. Interesting capture!!!

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