World’s most disturbing Easter basket

By: klikkonthis

Apr 04 2010

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What better way to celebrate the season of renewal and rebirth than with fruit snacks, M&M’s and creepy, plastic-wrapped chicken-suit-baby.

Happy Easter.


10 comments on “World’s most disturbing Easter basket”

  1. At first I thought it was a real child …. What a shock!

  2. Can’t you hear her screaming, “Let me out, let me out!”?


    • I wanted to rip her out of that basket and let her breathe! Just a very odd combination of items to put together. Although, I’m sure that the person who did put that together had only the best of intentions.

      I hope!

      But iat least It does make for a crazy picture!

  3. Ok, that just squicked me out and more importantly what are you doing up at this hour? I had to because the cat sat on my cat & it was either get up or suffocate. But anyway, it reminds me of those freaky Victorians who would pose their dead and take pictures of them in “life like situations”. Now I’m going to have nightmares. Eating a chocolate bunny now, he think he is one of your army.

  4. Umm, that was suppose to be face. The cat sat on my face. I need an Aztec Mocha from Jones right now.

  5. I think it sends a great message to kids that it’s safe to wrap yourself up in plastic. 🙂

  6. The thingy on her head…looks like it belongs in a sex shop

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