I know these security guards look intimidating,

But I’ll bet I could get past them if I wanted to…


8 comments on “Security?”

  1. No unpainted, 2 dimensional people past this point! That means YOU Flatty! 3D people are fine though.

  2. I’m so glad you said “flatty” because otherwise I’d be in trouble! Hilarious!

  3. Some cost-cutting measures just don’t work.

    • I don’t know… When you see these guys in person they do give you the willies. I think it’s the smile that seems friendly until you look at it a little more closely. I think they might actually scare any faint- hearted evil doers away.

  4. But holding hands??? They must be loveable guys really. At least they like each other.

  5. I’m gonna have two proseed with caution whenever I come too your blog.

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