Fixed your typo for you.

By: klikkonthis

Mar 25 2010

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Should be:

“An” American Storage Co.

You’re welcome.


12 comments on “Fixed your typo for you.”

  1. I’m sure they’re thankful!! Cool Colors!!!

  2. I surely hope they are good at carefully storing the best of America’s values as the left-wing crazies and right-wing crazies rant and the hysterically shallow media spreads their anti-American intolerance. [Crumudgeonly, but heartfelt]

  3. Thanks for fixing that! Now can you do something about the signs that say “End Road Work?” Unless they really are a protest against Caltrans.

  4. I’ve often thought the same thing. Too funnY!

  5. Obviously someone has played around with this sign.

    • why, now that you mention it, I did play around with it! lol! I used tilt-shift to alter the focus and then I saturated the colors. I really wanted to feature the typography on the sign, as opposed to the bldg. or the sky. I comfort myself that, as opposed to cheating, I am featuring my “story.” 🙂

  6. Couldn’t it be, all you wise (but not necessarily commerce-savvy) grammarians, that having found the name “American Storage” already listed within business registries, the original owner of the sign added the “A” to super-cede the originally intended name, kind of a precursor to Google’s paid search algorithm or the cunning practice of bidding $1 dollar more on “The Price is Right”?

  7. […] summer, what had been a very attractive vintage neon sign for American Storage Co that looked like this was suddenly covered over with an orange vinyl sign for Public Storage that made it look like […]

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