Eyes on you.

The world’s worst ┬ásurveillance system.


10 comments on “Eyes on you.”

  1. They’re there to scare off cat burglars – or maybe attract them?

  2. I will say, walking up to this business, those eyes ARE a little intimidating if nothing else.

  3. This is making me feel uncomfortable.
    Not one of my fav pics.
    I’m gonna run for some comfort food. Now.

  4. I had to go to Linden today, and there are more than just two of those eyes. I prefer going in the front entrance, don’t you?.

  5. This is fabulous! Remember the description in The Great Gatsby of the billboard with the eyes? I immediately thought of it when I saw this.

  6. Absolutely fabulous. Is this local? If I had to have bars on my window I would want them to look like these

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