Don’t bother me.

By: klikkonthis

Mar 17 2010

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I have the most important job in the car.


6 comments on “Don’t bother me.”

  1. And I don’t want big-eared monkeys to ride with us.

    Two posts for today?

  2. But it’s so good, I’m glad you’re running with it today. Look at him making sure you obey all the traffics signals. Look at him checking for cats ahead. And making sure he watches where you go so he’ll find the way back. This dog really is your co-pilot. But who took the photo?

    Tiny factoid: dog’s faces are more expressive than cat’s in part because dogs have “eyebrows” and cats don’t.

    • On who took the picture– I plead the 5th!

      But poor Mongoose is not a great car rider. She does feel like she’s the only responsible party in the car. She’s not a “flop her head out the window and enjoy the view” kind of pooch. Lol!

  3. Well, now you’ve told me, he does look a little worried. What a cute dog though.

  4. Mongoose wasn’t the only one concerned about what might happen as the driver turned around.

  5. Hey, no ganging up on the photographer!

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