Etch-a-sketch of the skies

Did you ever wonder if airplanes aren’t actually going anywhere, they’re just playing the world’s biggest game of etch-a-sketch?


17 comments on “Etch-a-sketch of the skies”

  1. “Nature abhors a straight line,” but the contrast of the jet streams, even as they dissipate, with the wispy, fluffy clouds is positively artistic. Very cool.

  2. This looks so good, it doesn’t even look like a foto!! And, you’re just learning to blog walk. A year from now, I can only imagine how well this blog will look!

    You may one day receive one of my prestigious Dog Bone Blogger Awards!

    • Oohh! That would be exciting! 🙂 As for the photos… just wait until I start panicking, unable to find something, and just start putting in pictures of my feet as filler. Then you won’t be so impressed! lol!

  3. English friends have told me how unbelievable it was to see 1,000 of those streaking east in 1944 and 1945 – daily. The Germans seeing them coming probably would have used a different word.

  4. That is so great and the sky is so blue. Let’s hope it stays that way this weekend.

  5. Fabulous shot of these vapour trails.

  6. Ooh, get ready for the chemtrail people to visit your blog!!!

    I took a bunch of photos the same day. I do wonder why there are so many more of these now than in decades past. This woman has a fairly scary, but not too tinfoil-hattish– perspective over at California Skywatch:

    You can go down a rabbit hole if you google chemtrails.

  7. I never even thought of that! That’s how out of the tinfoil-hattish loop I am! lol!

    Although, if you think about it… tinfoil hats are supposed to be keeping the “rays” out of our brains, right? Crazy, right? Until you start thinking about cell phones….

  8. My 2 1/2 year old calls these “plane lines!” It is said with a yell each time. We are excited because they have just become visible in the sky again after a very long cloudy winter. Beautiful Ohio.

  9. Out here in the heartland lots of contrails seem to develope with upper air humidity, presaging rain, not doom. It’s el nino time in CA – perhaps you’re about to get some rain?

  10. This reminded me of when I laid in the grass as kid, looking at the clouds and telephone lines. Neat picture

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