I mentioned this tree a while back and  thought I’d prove I didn’t make it up.   It’s the lemon/orange tree in the San Rafael district.   One half oranges, one half lemons.

Was it two trees that grew together?

A horrific pollination experiment gone wrong?

A Romeo and Juliette story of star-crossed love between citrus fruits?

A mystery.

But I can tell you this;  the lemons– the only fruit I can reach from the sidewalk– are pretty awesome in a martini.


5 comments on “Lemoranade?”

  1. From your picture, it looks like it’s now 1/2 ripe apples.

    • Lol! Well it’s clear that I super saturated the colors for effect: the original photo is very washed out. And, since the lemons are what’s closest to the sidewalk they do feature rather more prominently! But… Apples? 🙂

  2. Actually, with the practice of tree grafting, multiple varieties of fruit on a tree is quite possible. My uncle had an apple tree with four varieties of apples on it.

    I really wonder why this hasn’t been marketed to the purchasing public…


    • I have heard about grafting — but that makes more sense for apples (in my head at least) than for oranges and lemons. Multi-apple pie? Mmm. Lemonorange-ade… can’t imagine there’s a big market. lol! But maybe my problem is that I don’t think big enough!

  3. Your beautiful picture reminds me of one of those craftsman-style woodprints. I wouldn’t mind a drink of that orangolemonade – can you give me a clue as to where the tree is? (Promise not to take any low-hanging fruit).

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