I interrupt this blog for a puppy.

By: klikkonthis

Mar 05 2010

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Camera:iPhone 3GS

Look!  It’s a puppy!  Puppy, puppy, puppy!  And he’s cute!   Cute puppy, puppy, puppy!!!!   And mmmmm, he smells so good.  Why do puppies smell so good?  I’d really like to know.  Is God trying to keep us from hating them when they pee all over the floor?  If that’s the reason, then it works!



16 comments on “I interrupt this blog for a puppy.”

  1. What a pleasant surrprise this morning to see my face in your blog. Thanks sis!

  2. Awww, it’s adorable! Is it yours?

    • This is my mother’s new puppy; he’s a shihzou/chihuahua mix (although he looks a bit like a Jack Russell) and he’s pretty adorable. She named him Skeezix after a book she read as a kid about a dog by that name, but she can’t remember the name of the book, and she’d like to find it. So if you’ve has heard of it… let my mom know!

  3. Is this introducing a new family member?

  4. It’s simple; young smells good, old smells bad. Babies smell fantastic. New cars, too. But old dogs make you want to gag. Everything must just pick up life’s crappy odors along the way…

    • Uh-oh! I guess that means we all have to start keeping tabs on ourselves, too!

      Although… old wine smells pretty good, so maybe there’s some kind of people-reprieve as well, and none of us will ever have to worry.

  5. Oh, so cute. SO CUTE!!!!! Now I simply must find the book with that name in it.

  6. BTW, altadenahiker has some darn cute pooches on her latest post, too. 🙂

  7. I couldn’t find a book with a dog called Skeezix, but it’s a character in a comic:


    Does that help?

    Where did your Mum find this adorable puppy???

    • I’ll have to ask my mom to see if that’s the Skeezix she’s thinking of! The puppy came from a friend of a friend who breeds them… Mom had the very sad experience a couple years ago of losing her much loved dog to a brain tumor. This friend of a friend had a litter of puppies and, knowing mom’s story, offered her one for free. You’d have to ask her for confirmation (puppy training his hard!) but mom loves this pooch. He’s smart and adorable– and who couldn’t love a Skeezix!

  8. We had a vet once that recommended putting garlic powder in the puppy food. That made little cute Puppy’s breath and general odor smell like a used garlic press… That practice didn’t last very long.

  9. PUPPY!!!! puppypuppypuppypuppy!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone says babies smell good, ummm, no they don’t. PUPPY smell is the best, next is “new car smell”.

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