Floating Glasses

Future technology, vintage style.


12 comments on “Floating Glasses”

  1. I find this photo strangely appealing.

    • The colors of all the crazy glasses frames in this place are amazing– I just happened to catch it when the colors were just right. I’ve got another good photo that I’ll probably end up posting as a follow up.

      And the building itself it cool. You can see the outside of it in my photo (in the archives) “Nerdy Ent.” The vintage glasses-sign are the “glasses” the tree is wearing in that photo.

  2. I’ll have the pair bottom left, please. Always wanted to look like an alien.

  3. It’s like someone vaporized the Go-Gos and this is all that was left

  4. Gotta look good to see good.

  5. Husband’s remark is hilarious.

    These are great. I’m a sucker for glasses.

  6. Hey you’ve got some funky stuff here. I am loving it! I need to take lessons from you girl.

    • Thanks so much! A lot of my stuff is just luck and being willing to leap out of my car (I’ve discovered) and look like an idiot! So.. if that’s the secret, I’m happy to pass it along!

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