It was a dark and stormy night…

dramatic clouds, dramatic lighting, dramatic angle…  it can make even a friendly streetscape seem like something out of a Stephen King story.

Is Zinke’s a place to get your shoe fixed?

Or a place to get your shoe “fixed.”


14 comments on “It was a dark and stormy night…”

  1. Nice one, Kat.
    I’ve heard that corner is gonna be replaced with an Urth Cafe. Don’t know if I like that.

  2. Love this shot. It’s a keeper!

  3. Ditto to loving this shot…and ditto to “what? Zinke’s is an institution!!!”

    Very retro look…love it in black and white…

  4. Love this photo. Great treatment, very Stephen King indeed.

  5. I love what you did with this–it looks like something out of Gilliam’s “Brazil.”

    Zinke’s maybe have been an institution at one time, but all I’m going to miss about it is the sign (and the tile inside). The service there is absolutely awful now. I wouldn’t pay them to tie my shoes, much less repair them.

    • I have to admit, I haven’t used Zinke’s in years; and if you go onto Yelp and check them out, they’ve got terrible reviews these days. I think we should all band together and buy the sign when they do go out of business— or just sponsor it somehow in the same location.

      As for bad shoe repair being endemic… I have heard a rumor of a fantastic place in SoPas. I’ll have to contact my contact and see what he says…

  6. I’ll get you some more info on what is happening on that SE corner of Madison/Colorado. But, I agree that long time Pasadena’s will be less than thrilled if Zinke’s AND The White Hut are demolished for another cafe, nice though it may be.

  7. I hate to tell you Petrea…but I haven’t found a shoe repair place where the service was anything but crappy…I recently went to that Zinke’s because I didn’t want to go to the shoe place on Honolulu (my favorite shopping area) because the guy who owns that store is so, so, so unfriendly…and I’d just had it with him…I wonder if the Zinke’s in Glendale is going out of business???

  8. Maybe…we should all band together and buy the business and turn it around…a retro shoe repair business…with a real shoe shine station and everything!!!

  9. There’s a place on the south side of Green between El Molino and Lake that I figured I’d try next. I’ll let you know. Last time I went to Zinke’s I wanted a zipper replaced on a purse. They did a repair I didn’t need, charged me $12 for it, wouldn’t return the purse to me unless I paid it, and the zipper still doesn’t work. And they refused to fix it! The woman in charge was a total b–ch about it, too.

    • That sounds exactly like the stories I read on Yelp. And the last time I went there (long time ago), they lost my shoes and began to tell me that I must have already picked them up, when someone finally found them. Now I wonder if they would have charged me for lost shoes. At least this makes me feel better that they might be closing!

  10. we have a shoe repair place here in the Highlands on the south side of York a tad past Ave 64. Cheap

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