Downtown Alive

By: klikkonthis

Feb 16 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

I’ve been going to downtown L.A. a lot lately.  Lots of new action, of a good kind, happening there these days.   L.A. Center Studios (a big production facility), lots of new great restaurants, L.A. Live and the Staples Center, apartments and lofts (and, as always, Olvera Street)….people walking around at night, for goodness sake.

I remember, not all that long ago, when everyone cleared out of the City at sundown– if they even went there in the first place.  It was much too dangerous and funky to hang out unless you a) already lived there and were familiar with the neighborhoods, or b) were looking to score one of many the different, more dangerous kinds of action that were available.     But I also remember the great period architecture, the little mom-and-pops that were (and still are) there, the clothing district, the flower district, the jewelry district…

I’m  going to enjoy getting to know you better again, Downtown.  Now that you won’t be such a risky friend any more.


4 comments on “Downtown Alive”

  1. I’m looking forward to your photos. I went to the Flower Markets for the first time on Sunday and it was beautiful there, lots of colors and fragrances, and I vowed to spend more time exploring downtown. Have you ever driven into LA across the 6th Street Bridge? Oh my. There’s a reason there are signs along the bridge saying “Watch the Road.”

    • Thanks so much! Some days a lot of people peek in, and some days almost no one does but I’m still enjoying doing it. 🙂 My husband and I (who work together) just finished a job in downtown l.a., which was the first time I’d spent any extensive time there in years. Now we’re making an effort to go there more often and try new restaurants and meet friends there. It’s been really fun. Went to L.A. Live, the Nokia to see Eddie Izzard and was shocked at how hopping it is there now! I had no idea!

  2. You like Eddie Izzard? He was in my house, using it as his “Star Waggon,” while filming The Riches next door. But idiot that I was, i went to work that day, and only went home for lunch, to see Minnie Driver sitting in my house. Eddie and Minnie are British, like me.

    You’ve really tempted me to see LA Live – is it easy to park?

    • I love Eddie Izzard. I think he’s such a smart comedian– I saw one of his shows in which he did ten minutes of it in French, and he had the American audience laughing hysterically and following every word. And very few other comics can make “Battle of Hastings” jokes that have everyone falling over. I’m jealous that he used your house during “The Riches.” And, while they are American, my husband’s parents were both raised in the U.K. and in many ways are more British than not. We travel there frequently to visit family and friends and will, as a matter of fact, be heading back soon for a wedding.

      As for L.A. Live– the parking is easy, but expensive. It cost us $25.00– which we felt was okay when we went to see a show, but not so okay when just we went to Trader Vic’s for silly drinks (worth it) and dinner (not so worth it.) I’ve got to do more research on parking, because I think there has to be a cheaper way! That being said… if a cheaper way can be found, I do recommend Trader Vic’s for the cheesy decor and hilarious flaming drinks in giant bowls.

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