Storm rolls over the basement

When a storm rolls in, neon hits its stride.

Old Town, Saturday.


6 comments on “Storm rolls over the basement”

  1. This brings back fond memories.

  2. Nice shot…your photos really have a nice style…

  3. I’ve never been inside Buca de Peppo. How is it?
    But, I have been inside Bird Pick Tea Herb…I like their teas!
    I actually don’t like to de Olde Towne portion of Pasa much but I find myself there too often.

    • I like the architecture of Old Town, and peeking into corners, and hunting out details of buildings (and slr is better for that than the iphone, unfortunately). There are some places I like, but it does get a little mall-y.. Buca is good for a family-in-from-out-of-town kind of massive amounts of food situation. But, honestly, I haven’t been there for years.
      As a matter of fact, when I showed my husband this photo, his reaction was:that he liked it… but he wished it wasn’t of Buca. lol.

      And bird pick is great.

  4. I like all that browny orangey gold.

    Cafe, I’d say it’s acceptable if you’re really hungry. It’s nothing fancy and it’s loud, but they give you a lot of food.

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