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Jan 29 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

Okay, so this is why I love using my iphone for these pictures.   The odd sun flare effect you get when you aim it at a bright-but-diffuse light.  The way everything is thrown into this weird black relief, but you still get bursts of color.   The fact that having it with you is the difference between catching the moment the sun breaks through the clouds and creates those reflections on the wet pavement …or not.

This is the reason that phone is always in my hands.

Even in the Target parking lot on a crappy, rainy day.

Confession; If you live in Los Angeles, you know I didn’t take this picture today.   As a matter of fact, I posted it on  facebook more than a week ago, before I really started this blog.   But still, I think it deserves to be part of the official record.



18 comments on “Sunrain.”

  1. The black and white are my favorite. I did a breath intake when I saw today’s picture

  2. This is great! I love your pics (the graffiti cat was especially cool). This is the Target wayyyy down Colorado past Sierra Madre Blvd.??

    • That’s exactly the place. As I pulled in, the clouds started to part even though it was still *pouring* rain (I wish that were more obvious in the photo). I found the first parking space I could and grabbed that picture as other people in the parking lot ushered their kids away from the crazy girl.


      I love the cat too. That’s another one that I jumped out in the rain to take…

  3. What a beautiful blog! Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley community of bloggers. Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog. I’m looking forward to your take on Pasadena. I’m often tempted to venture out of my South Pas city limits and include parts of Pasadena, too. It’s a great subject. If you haven’t already, be sure to say hi to Ben at skyisbiginpasadena and Petrea at Pasadena Daily Photo. They’re both great.

    You’re off to a gorgeous start. Cheers!

    • Thanks! I’ve actually been silently sneaking peeks at both those other blogs and have finally started introducing myself around today. Since my official blog is only a week old (although I’ve been taking these pictures and bugging everyone I know with them for much, much longer) I feel like the new kid on the blog and don’t want to be too pushy.

      But I’ve been really enjoying your pictures and your commentary!

      • And also…. South Pasadena is such a great place to take pictures. Don’t be surprised if I stray into your territory too! 🙂

  4. Hey Kat, welcome! This is a great blog. I love your shots and commentary. Look out for that Laurie, she’ll be–uhoh. Hi Laurie!

    Kidding. Laurie, you can take pictures in Pasadena anytime, don’t you think? Ben shoots in downtown LA, etc. I’m going to go wild and take a shot in Monrovia or somewhere one of these days. Look out.

    Kat, I hope you have a good time with this. I think many of us feel blessed to have such a supportive blogging community and expressive art/communication forum.

    • Thanks Petrea! You guys have already made me feel welcome. it’s a little nerve-wracking to start up a new little venture like this, and put yourself out there, and you all are making me feel very comfortable!

  5. Petrea, you’d laugh if you saw the email from a couple of South Pas readers on the day I posted a Rose Bowl shot. They made sure I knew they thought I shouldn’t venture beyond our borders!

    Kat, Petrea was my inspiration to start blogging. She’s my daily photo guru. I remember being the new kid, too — and now it’s been almost two years! It’s fun to see what this endeavor brings into your life that you don’t expect. For me, I am now more of a part of South Pasadena than any other place I’ve ever lived. I’ve met so many people here who read the blog, and made so many friends all over the region. THe blogging community here has been amazing — and now I have great friends who started out as my fellow bloggers. We’ll have to include you in one of the Old Town happy hour blogger gatherings. 🙂

  6. Sheesh, could I use the word blog, blogger or blogging MORE in a comment? Bloggerifically bloggone…

  7. That’s what the overage blog is for, I guess. I haven’t posted on mine in ages. Man, your fans do keep you in line.

    Did we take over? Sorry, Kat. It’s fun to have a new blogger.

  8. I just stopped by from Petrea’s blog…love your’s too!!! Beautiful pic…love the reflections and the dramatic look!!! and your commentary is delightful!!!

    I’m not a daily city blogger, but I do post about once a week…currently travel pics…


  9. one question–Are you both the same handedness? Or is one left and one right? if you are both the same then the only logical answer to the picture of the stairs and who likes what is boy girl ! 🙂 this os so cool Kt! I am enjoying your pics! You truly are an artist!!!

    • You have an interesting way of thinking about this. I can’t give away my opinion about this yet– not that my opinion is definitive… just one opinion of many that I hold. 🙂 I”m so glad you like the blog. I’m really enjoying doing it.

  10. Okay but did you notice that I am a bit challenged because I just figured out I typed this after the wrong picture!! Getting old sucks!

    • That’s okay, it just gives you the opportunity to go look at the larger picture of “stairs 1” to see what you think! 🙂 Not old…. better!

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